Extension Lectures

The progress, prosperity and material welfare of the country depend very much on the scientific and technological base of its citizens. In fact, Science and Technology have, in modern times, been the driving force behind social, economic, and cultural change and progress. In this context, it is essential that student of different educational institutions, as well as professionals in various sectors of our national economy, are made aware of the rapid progress in various facets of Science and Engineering.

With this in mind, we regularly organize extension lectures in our college which are delivered by some renowned professionals of our country.

List of Extension/Expert lectures organized:

  • 12th December, 2009: We organized an extension lecture on "Digital Communication"
  • 26th March, 2009: An Expert Lecture on Embedded Systems was delivered by Er. L.S. Rathore.
  • Prof. K.R. Chowdhary (Professor, MBM Engg. College) delivered an expert lecture on "Theory of Computation" in 2009.
  • Prof. R.R Bhandari (Former Member, Railway Board) delivered a lecture on "5 P’s for Powerful Presentation" in 2010.